I went to Japan over new years and it was amazing. Here's an indulgent and overlong video montage of the places I saw and the things I did.

Spirits of the Past is putting on its glad rags and going to a festival, kind of...

I'm very pleased to announce that a little movie I made last year, Spirits of the Past, has made it into the Unofficial Google+ Film Festival.

It's not the catchiest name for a fetsival admittedly, but considering the concept behind Spirits of the Past - a film made entirely online, from first draft to final cut - getting its festival debut at a festival which only exists online is quite fitting.

For more info on the festival, its origins, and how you can get involved, check out the neat video below and visit them online here: http://www.ugpff.com/

#meetandtweet - skills to pay the bills

So now that I've met everyone I intended to, I wanted to try and dive in and talk about some of the people I met. In particular I wanted to showcase the wealth of creative endeavours. It took me much longer than expected to create the list, but what a list. Annoying and inspiring in equal measure, it's filled with gems. I've broken down the categories below. If I've missed you out or if the link I've used is old/wrong etc. just drop me a line and I'll update it. Thanks!


From left to right:

Comedy From left to right: 



I want to meet all of the human beings who follow me on twitter. I've made a list, I've been at it for a week. I've met 5. It's been terrific. Why do I want to meet all the human beings who follow me on twitter?

The main reason is simple. At some point I'm going to be dead and wouldn't this be a fun thing to do and a cool story to tell. When I had the notion I then went ahead and started asking people before I chickened out or rationalised it too much. Begin now etc.

There are more intellectual reasons I've made up since arranging to meet people and feeling like I should  have some kind of formal explanation. Stuff like how Twitter is a tool, but people don't use it to it's fullest potential. Sure it's great for marketing and in some senses measuring success, but at heart it's a social network, and more so than any other offers the potential to meet all kinds of new people. 

But what if they're a psycho? People generally aren't psychos. 99% of the people you've ever met have been good people. Some of them may have been stupid or ignorant or boring or smelled bad, so you wouldn't want to hang out with them more, but none of them were a danger. Even if they were, so long as I didn't die it'd make the story even better.

I'm not a danger, I just want to meet everyone who follows me on twitter.