You’re at a party and are introduced to a friendly, polite guy named Hugh. Making small talk, he asks that safe and dull question we’ve all asked when faced with a stranger at a social engagement. ‘So what do you do?’ There’s only really one sane response, ‘It depends on the situation.’


My writing career breaks down into the classic literary divide, fiction and non-fiction.

FICTION I write scripts. The best way you can get an idea of the things I write is to take a look at some of the short films I've made on the portfolio page.

You can also check out my project foursquaretales, an ongoing experiment in trans media storytelling.  This was nominated for a New Media Writing Prize in January 2014.

NON FICTION I've written freelance articles and interviews for a number of publications including: Gafencu, Edge and The Skinny. You can check out some of my favourites on the portfolio page. 



Sometimes I do magic. People ask me to come to their party, wedding, product launch, business meeting and to mingle with the guests and show them some amazing tricks.

I've written and performed a number of shows too, including two successful runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Check out the latest review on my portfolio page.

About me 

I grew up in South Wales, the youngest of a large Irish family. I now live in Glasgow, Scotland. I'm 31. For information on work I've done, please check out the portfolio page . For all the latest, check out the blog or follow me on twitter.

Say hello

If you're interested in hiring me for some magic tricks, or if you'd like to see some of my writing, or if you're just looking for a chat, you can drop me a message on the contact page and I'll get right back to you.